Moxibustion means" burning herb".  Herbs are burned over certain points on the body in order to warm and expel any cold residing in the meridian. This enables the Chi to move more freely. The acupuncturist slowly warms the needle, relying on the patient to tell him or her when to move on to the next point.

Acupunctureis the insertion of fine needles into specific points located on the body in order to treat various health disorders.  The needles are "hair-thin" and do not cause pain. The number of needles used depends on the condition being treated. Most patients quickly relax and some even fall asleep. Please read our FAQ's page for more information.
Cuppingis usually used over large muscle groups, such as the back and shoulders. A flame is lit inside of a glass, plastic, or bamboo jar. The flame is removed and the jar is quickly placed on the skin. A resulting suction is formed. Cupping is used to draw excess blood into an area. The purpose is to lubricate said area and relieve stagnation. As the stagnation is removed, it carries with it harmfull toxins. The end result is a more oxygenated, more free-moving muscle. Cupping has been shown to penetrate muscle groups up to 3 inches deep. Cupping is painless.
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Electric Stimulationis sometimes used at or near large muscle groups, such as thearms, legs, or back in order to excite or sedate. Small wires are attached to the needles and a mild current is passed through. This practice can exercise or relax a muscle. The patient tells the practitioner how much intesity to use in order to stay comfortable. Most people enjoy the stimulation and find it very soothing.