Please take the time to read the questions and answers listed below. We have tried to be as informative as possible. If you have any other concerns, we welcome you to contact us. We will try our very best to address them. The information we have provided below is based on our experiences both in the United States and in China. It is not intended to support or dispute any proven medical facts.It is written only to help you understand our approach and philosophy to treating illness with Acupuncture. May God bless you, and keep you well.                           
                                                                 Daniel T. Miller L.Ac.

What is the meaning of the name Zhong-Mei?

    "Zhong" means China and "Mei" means America. This represents our desire to practice the 
      healing arts by combining the best of Chinese and American teachings. 

What is the difference between medicine practiced in China and the USA?

      In the states we tend to focus more on the patient's symptoms, whereas in
      China the focus is more on the patient's lifestyle and body as a whole. The Chinese
      believe illness is caused by the body's response to outside influences. Sometimes 
      we can only succeed in relieving symptoms; however for a true cure to be achieved 
      we try to  determine  which influences are negatively affecting the body, then make       modifications to eliminate them,thus eliminating the illness.
      This is a great time to mention one of the problems we see in the USA. People seem
       to try acupuncture as a last resort, after they have run out of options or become
      unsatisfied with the results of medications. By this time the dis-ease has become
       greater and more difficult to treat by any doctor, eastern or western. This goes
       back to the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". We believe
       acupuncture should be one of the first options to come to mind, before the dis-ease
       takes a strong hold on the body. At this time it is much more easy to treat. We
       believe all forms of medicine should strive for the least evasive treatment possible
       with maximum results.
      In China a treatment would consist of 10 sessions, five days on, 2 days off and then
      repeat. In the USA this is not possible due to cost and time considerations.
      Therefore, we must modify our treatments, as most people have a hard time 
       managing once a week, due to their busy schedules.

Why is acupuncture not as popular in the USA as it is overseas?

      Mainly this is due to cultural differences. Anyone who has traveled abroad has most
      certainly been frustrated by the seemingly slow pace at which things are accomp-
      lished in other counties. There seems to be a much more relaxed and unhurried
      lifestyle. Some countries cannot understand our preoccupation with schedules and
      time of day. In the States we want everything quick, from our foods, to our cars, to
      everything we are trying to accomplish. Naturally when we have an illness or disease
      we want quick relief.  We want to take a pill and feel better in 20 minutes, then
      continue on the our next task, with nothing slowing us down. This may be fine for a
      alittle while, but...sooner or later you may experience side effects. You may need to
      increase your dosage because your body becomes resistant to your medication.
      Many of you have probably experienced these things already. The point to all of this
      is, an aspirin for a headache is a temporary fix, a "band-aid" so to speak. What
      happens when the aspirin wears off? You guessed it,.. more aspirin. 
      Acupuncture takes the approach to not only provide relief for an illness but also to
      find the root of the problem and deal with it, so the illness does not surface again.
      We focus more on the long term effect/relief as opposed to the short term.
      Your health did not become " dis-eased" in 1 day, do you think it can be fixed in 
      1 day? How long have you been sick or in pain? One week? One Year? Longer?

What about all of the wonderful medications we currently have available?

       Yes, they are wonderful and today's medications have many uses and provide 
        many benefits. We are by no means telling you to throw them away or to stop 
        taking them (Please always consult your doctor before stopping any medi-
       cations); we are trying to raise the point that there are other options that should 
        be explored. Who can argue about the wonders and benefits of penicillin? It is a
        drug developed less than 100 years ago and has proven invaluable to the human
        race. On the other hand, who can argue with the millions of people who receive
        acupuncture and get relief/benefits. This is a practice which is over 5000 years
        old.  We are not saying one is better or more useful than the other, we are only
        trying to say everything has its place. If one approach is not working, then it
        is time to try something else.  Our personal belief is that the individual who can
       use the best of modern day medications and the best of ancient teachings, is 
       going to be much healthier, and happier for it.  We would like to see more coop-
        eration between Doctors and Acupuncturists, for the greater benefit of the patient.

How does Acupuncture work, and what is "Chi" ?

      "Chi" is your internal life force or power.  Acupuncture works by influencing the "chi"  
        in your body to makeyou less susceptible to negative outside influences. The main
        principle is to keep balance in all things. A little story may help you to understand:

                  The rain comes down on the mountain. As it flows downward it nourishes
                   all life on the mountain from the trees and animals to the villiages in the
                   valleys. It flows to the creeks and rivers, and out to the sea. Here it evap-
                   orates into the air and the clouds. Eventually it rains again. This is the
                   cycle of water in nature.
                       Imagine what would happen if one of these villages decided to build a
                   dam and store more water. Every other village and all life below the dam
                   would feel the effects.
                       Now imagine the cycle of "chi" is like the cycle of water. It is quite poss-
                   ible there is a "dam" building in your neck, from your body's response to
                   stress. In this case you may find your shoulders ache at first, then as the
                   "dam" builds and backs up, you may experience a headache or migraine.
                   The cycle is broken, resulting in illness ordis-ease.There may be a "dam"
                   in your neck, shoulders, arms, back, or legs. Acupuncture uses needles to
                   break these "dams" and correct the flow of "chi", thus balancing the body.

But... what is "Chi"?

       A comparison may help. First ,tell me what love is? You may sayan emotion, or you
       may say an ache in the heart when you miss someone. You may say it is the desire
       to place someone else ahead of yourself.  Love is all of these things but....
       these are only manifestations of love. You cannot hold it in your hand or place it in a
      "Chi" is similar and I offer you this as proof.  When you yawn, you feel a surge or
      rush traveling to your head. When you stretch you may feel a surge in your legs or
      arms. You feel them "wake up." Well, these sensations are manifestations of "Chi."  

Does acupuncture hurt?

       No. Acupuncture needles are as thin as a hair and solid, because there is nothing
       injected into the point. A hypodermic needle is much larger, hollow. It cuts the skin
       and is used to inject medicine into the body. Acupuncture needles are so fine
       some patients ask, "Are they in yet?"

What happens after the needles are inserted?

       The patient will retain the needles 20-40 minutes. During this time we may choose
       to warm or stimulate the needles. You may have different sensations as you are
       retaining the needles. Your body may feel heavy, a slight warmth, or tingling,
       may occur. These are all manifestations of "chi " and are taken as positive signs
       of a good outcome. All of these feelings a very, very slight. Many people fall asleep
       after the first treatment. We have private rooms and we try to make you as relaxed
       and comfortable as possible.

How many treatments will I need?

       During your first treatment we will be asking you a lot of questions about your
       symptoms and lifestyle. The number of treatments needed depends on how serious
       the disease is, how long you have been suffering, and how well your  body responds
       to acupuncture. All of these will be discussed on your first visit. Please remember
       that in a sense you are reprogramming your body.

How should I dress?

       We ask you to wear loose clothing, and for your skin to be free from any heavy
        perfume, cologne, or oil.

What should I expect before, during and after treatment?

      We make great efforts to take patients at their scheduled time. You should arrive
      a few minutes early. You will be taken in a treatment room. The Acupuncturist will
      speak with you here and decide which points will be used. Every effort will be made
      to make you comfortable. After treatment we ask you to take a few moments to
      make sure you are alert enough to travel. After you arrive home, take
      time to relax, do not tax your mind. Please refrain from excessive food intake, 
      important decisions, strenuous work, or sexual activities .

Do you accept insurance?

      Yes. We work with many different insurance companies. Please view our list located
       underCONTACT US.

     Thank You, for allowing us to share our views and experiences with you. We hope
     you have found our site informative.   
Daniel Miller            L.Ac.,  Dipl. of Acupuncture NCCAOM
Graduate                The China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
                                  Beijing , China
Residency               WangJing Hospital of TCM   Beijing, China
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